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New Britain Adult Education New Britain Adult Education

Adult Education Skills Enhancement


If you have been out of school for a while...

  • would you like to improve your math, reading, and writing skills?
  • would you like to try getting that new job or promotion?
  • do you have personal goals that involve better reading, math, or writing skills?

The Skills Enhancement Program may be right for you!

The Skills Enhancement program is FREE to all New Britain residents.  Classes are open enrollment so you can join any time!

You are eligible for this program:

  • if you are at least 17 years of age
  • if you are no longer enrolled in school
  • if you do not have a high school diploma


What we offer:
  • FREE evaluation to measure your strengths
    and challenges in math, reading, and writing
  • Individual counseling to create a learning plan for your success
  • FREE and convenient day/evening classes

 So what can the Skills Enhancement Program do for me?

  • As students improve their math, writing, and reading skills, they enroll and advance to other programs like:
    • GED
    • National External Diploma Program, or
    • Credit Diploma Program
  • the ultimate goal is to obtain a high school diploma and decide on a vocation
  • classes are divided into beginner and intermediate levels
  • Instruction in:
    • listening & speaking (conversation, grammar, pronunciation)
    • writing & reading
      • functional survival skills
      • improve basic sentence structure and reading comprehension
  • At the end of each semester, all participants are invited to the Awards Ceremony

New Britain Adult Education is in compliance with CT General Statutes Sec 10-71c. 
All mandated programs are free.  We do not charge a fee for any textbooks or materials used in the classroom.
The New Britain Adult Education Center 
183 Steele Street
New Britain, CT 06052